Cheap Thrills in Vegas – Part II

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It’s Day Three of your convention. You feel like you’ve walked hundreds of miles (hopefully not in new shoes!) and you’ve spent more money than you thought you would when you were thinking about all those comp drinks they give you in Las Vegas.  So now you’re looking for entertainment on the cheap.  Sitting poolside is nice if you can get a cabana – but that’ll run you well over $200 for a half day rental.  So what other options are out there?


Here are a few cheap, and not so cheap, ideas:

  • Bonnie Springs Ranch (– Who knew you could see the Wild West just ten minutes outside of Vegas?  The Ranch is pure kitschy old west, with a petting zoo, horseback riding and Bonnie’s Old West Musical Review.  It’s also available for private events.

    Credit: Bonnie Springs website

  • Zip Lines ( and – Who doesn’t love a zip line run?  The Bootleg Canyon run is located in Boulder City and takes approximately two hours to complete.  There are four runs total, each one affording opportunities to take amazing pictures of the beautiful Mojave Desert.  And they offer full moon tours!  It’s not cheap at $159, but the opportunity to see Vegas from this viewpoint is priceless.  The Fremont Street run is downtown and totally affordable at $15 – $20 per ride.
  • Sandy Valley Ranch ( – “45 minutes and 100 years from Las Vegas” is their motto.  Go and play cowboy for the day (and night if you’d like) at Sandy Valley Ranch.  Ride the range, try penning cattle, then enjoy amazing barbecue and cowboy poetry.  Not a cheap thrill, but definitely different!  The Ranch is also available for private events.
  • Mob Museum ( – The Mob Museum is a fantastic slice of Las Vegas history.  For less than twenty bucks, you can see an amazing array of one-of-a-kind artifacts, high tech theater presentations and interactive exhibits.  Mob history in Vegas is something everyone asks about, now you can see the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!


Credit: Caesars website

And last but not least, my favorite sport in Las Vegas, people-watching! Vegas has always encouraged excessive behavior, but ever since the LVCVA started the ad campaign, “What

Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas”, the behavior has gotten even more excessive!  My favorite places to people-watch are the Forum Shops at Caesars, the Canal Shops at the Venetian and Fremont Street.  If you choose the Forum, get a table at Trevi near the Fountain of the Gods, order a bottle of champagne, and let the observing begin!


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